Monday, November 23, 2009

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

RAC Port Klang Centennial 5th Installation (Theme: Tribute To King of Pop) & Fundraising Dinner

One of the 'Tiger Show' performers

August 15th 2009 marks another important chapter for members of Rotaract Club Port Klang Centennial. It is our 5th club installation.

Yes, we are FIVE years old. Indeed, I have seen changes in the club's growth as a chartered member. The changes were like waves. I had seen the peaks to the troughs.

Also, the event is also to install our club's 5th president, Nanthini Kumar (pic right above), my fellow comrade, a chartered member like myself. Also, the 2nd lady or woman President after me.

Uniquely, our club's installation theme nite was Coats & Jackets as Tribute to the late Michael Jackson, King of Pop.

All members participated in full force smart attire at Govinds Restaurant, Klang. The crowd began making their grand entrance at 8pm. This marks the gathering of our old friends and also new friends fellowship.

Dinner menu was the restaurant's authentic mouth watering Indian breads, curries, rice and spices.
The installation of new board was done by IPP Jia Thiam (I believe breathing sigh of relief) to new President Nanthini. Also IPP Jia Thiam who gave three awards to club members including the Best Rotaractor of the Term Award to Lee Leong King and Chew Way Wen who is the Best Recruiter Award.

And what was so startling this year for the fund raising event for Rotary Foundation was our own club's "Tiger Show" performed by our two club's aspiring stars, G&G (Gary & Gun).

Also, the club members sang the inspiring 'Heal The World' by MJ with fellow Rotarians & friends.

All in all, the clubs successfully fulfilled the fundraising amount of Rm2056 with wine/liquer dutch auction. All for good cause.

A big thank you to our members and OC Richie Lee & installation team, to our supportive President Patrick& Rotarians and Rotaract friends from district who contributed generously for the event.

PP Lee Hui Hui

Message from New President

Dear friends,

Welcome to the new Rotaract term 2009/2010!

We will have our very first meeting tomorrow Thursday (02/07/2009) at 8.00pm. Venue is at Red Island Café, Bkt Tinggi. (Across the road from Pelita Nasi Kandar)

I hope all dear Rotaractors and respective Rotarians can be present. Guests are welcome too. There won’t be any guest speaker for the evening, thus

I want to discuss on 3 things;

1) I would like to have a brief proposal from my Director’s on your future projects.
2) Updates from the Installation Night’s Organizing Committee.
3) Since there are some discontents on the theme proposed (Occupational) for the Installation Night, I would like to finalize it on this meeting itself.

So, I need everyone’s help to think of a better theme. Please revert on your attendance.

For the SAA (Sergeant at Arms) part, I would want to do it in an alphabetic manner. This means, we shall start with our Rtr.Chew Way Wen followed by Rtr.Gun Chin Yong on the next meeting and so on.

We are also going to have a new member inducted into our family of Rac Port Klang Centennial on the same day. It’s non other than Elizabeth!

I’m hoping for an awesome term with all of you. Here’s a saying for you’ll, “Friends are like puzzle pieces.

If one goes away, that special piece can never be replaced and that puzzle will never be whole again”. Same goes to us, I can’t afford to loose any one of you.

I sincerely need all of you to assist me throughout the way.

Thanks & Regards,

Nanthini Selvakumaran
President RY2009/10
Rac Port Klang Centennial

Pics of BOD Term 08/09

Dear fellow members,

My term as a President is almost ending. Is been a long journey ever since I took up the post till today, but it was a wonderful one. Throughout the journey, I have learned many new things and have made many new friends. Though my journey as a President can be at times rough, but it has made me into a stronger person. I believe with this phrase that "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger".

I would want to take this opportunity to thank all my members who have been there to support me and poured in your sweat and effort during my term. It is definitely a wonderful one and I do hope your continuous effort will bring the club to the next level.

I am looking forward to present my personal awards and certificate of appreciation for the "Best Rotaractor", "Best Project" and "Best Recruiter" Awards to my fellow members during Nanthini's Installation which will be held on the 15th of August, 2009.

Our club has grown so much ever since our Charter President Toh has first chartered the club. I believe our club will one day shine amongst other clubs.

Service Unite Us

Best Regards,
Tan Jia Thiam
President of the Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial

Rac Port Klang in District Awards Nite

The District Awards Night (DAN) which was held at the Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on June 6 2009.

The theme was "Passion in Red" and we all came with our best red costume to attend this event.

Guests of Honour were District Governor Dr Rajinder and Ann PP Surendra
Our club have submitted three projects to compete for the awards. They are the "Best Rotaract Awareness", "Best Fellowship" and "Best Professional Development" reports.

After 11 months of hard work from the members, we managed to win the “Best Rotaract Awareness” report in which we publicize the Rotaract movement through the Child Mortality Awareness Campaign at Klang Parade Shopping Complex on December 13th 2008.

Kudos to all the members of Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial who have worked hard & contributed to this award.

Also, lets congratulate Rtr Gun Chin Yong for being in the district board member assisting incoming DRR Amanda as District PR, Marketing & Membership Chairman.

IPP Lee Hui Hui

Rotary and Rotaract Anniversary at Klang Executive Club Dinner

Dear members,

I have just returned from the Rotary and Rotaract Anniversary at Klang Executive Club (KEC). We have just celebrated our 4th Anniversary and I must say, time flies.

During the event, we conducted a Rotary and Rotaract Idol in which we had 3 rotarians and 3 rotaractors singing their lung out. Rotary Idol goes to Rtn Adrew Goh and Rotaract Idol goes to our guest called Sook Huan. Gary took part in singing for our club. Kudos to you.

I must say, I enjoyed this year's compared to last year. The food is better, the programme is exciting and last but not least, the crowd is even crazier. Pictures attached for members who have missed it.

Service Unite Us
Best Regards,
Tan Jia Thiam
President of the Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial

Incoming Board of Directors : Rac Port Klang Centennial 2009/2010

Good day to all. I would like to introduce to you my Incoming Board of Directors from Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial for the term 2009/2010.

President : PE Nanthini
Vice President : Lee Leong King
Secretary : Tan Jia Thiam
Treasurer : Low Yin Chye (Gary)
Club Service : Richie Lee
Community Service : Gun Chin Yong (Gun)
International Service : Lauren Low
Professional Development : Lee Leong King
IPP : Tan Jia Thiam

Together with this, we would also like to announce our upcoming 5th Installation of RACPKG which will be held on 15th of August 2009. Stay tuned for more details.

Tks & rgds,
Nanthini Selvakumaran
President Elect
Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial

May 9th 2009: Joint meeting RAC Bandar Sunway & Cervical cancer talk

As you all have known that, we had a joint-meeting with Rotaract Club of Bandar Sunway at Manchester Business School, Sunway University College on the 9th of May, 2009. At the same time, we held a Cervical Cancer talk and on-site vaccination to those who were present on that day.

I would like to take this opportunity to those who are willing to spent their Saturday/Wesak Day off just to attend the joint meeting and the Cervical Cancer talk. Besides that, many thanks to Mabel from GSK Pharmaceutical Company who have assisted me into organizing such event.

Pictures attached for members who have missed the event.

Service Unite Us

Best Regards,

Tan Jia Thiam
President of the Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial

Thursday, April 09, 2009

April 7 th 2009: District Governor visit to Rotary club of Port Klang

District Governor (DG) Dr. Rajindar Singh and his ann, PP Ann Surendra made his official visit to Rotary Club of Port Klang at the Royal Klang Club on Tuesday, April 7th 2009

President Jia Thiam prepared a book of club's activities reports to the DG.

The DG was very pleased with our reports. His comments was that our club is in the right track due to the commitment of the members.

Also, fellowship supper was provided. Thank you to our generous Rotarians.

Rotaract Seminar (organised by Rotary Group 9 clubs)

By President Jia Thiam

On April 4th, Rotary Club of Pantai Valley and Rotaract Club of Taylors Business School organized a Rotaract Seminar which is a day's workshop on business, personal effectiveness and achieving your goals and etc at Taylors College Subang main hall.

Six members from our club had attended the event.
Below are the speakers and their topics they have shared with us during the seminar.

1) Rtn Ian Homer (Business Coach)- Becoming an entrepreneur

2) Rtn Steve Ng - Finding employment in today's environment
3) Rtn Carsten Cziborr - Using your mind for a change (NLP)

4) Rtn Peter Anthony Davie - The power of simplicity concept

5) Rtn Laurie - Time Management

These speakers were excellent speakers who have both local and international speaking experience.

I must say, the RM15 paid are very well worth the price. The whole event took about 8-9 hours in which we have tea break and lunch in between.

We have gained many additional knowledge and experience we can't find on the book nor via the internet.

Never a Dull moment: District Rotaract Conference (Mar 27-29 2009) Port Dickson

By President Jia Thiam
We attended the District Rotaract Conference (DRC) at Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson. There were seven of us who attended the event.
Rtr. Gun and the rest of the gang arrived early and when I arrived at Eagle Ranch, they were playing beach volleyball.

I joined in later for the football activity. We did lots of stuff and activities during the event. Our Club Assembly was held in-conjunction with the DRC in which we discuss on some of the issues relating to the club’s status and how our club can do further to be improved.

After our club assembly, we attended the ice-breaking session which included some of the crazy activities such as beating egg white.

We’re quite lucky to have Rtr. Gun on our side as he has a vast amount of knowledge in beating egg white (Gun is an experience cook mar). And there’s some disgusting moment as well where rotaractors are required to eat raw egg yolk (Rtr Yogz..great team spirit, reason to get the organisers to give sugar for the meringue)

Besides that, we attended some of the seminar organized by Rotaract Club of Pudu. The seminar held was informative as they have experienced speakers who talk about self-realization, and Rotaractors from other club shares their past project amongst us and etc.

All in all, I am sure we had a great moment (lying down...zzzz)
We managed to hook up with old friends and exchange ideas on Rotaract.

Pictures above for memories...yup all of us in nice white collar t-shirts.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Interesting facts about Rotaract Club Of Port Klang Centennial

1) This year, the club organised a mega project which focuses on child mortality which is this year's RI theme. We organized a Child Mortality Awareness Campaign at Klang Parade Shopping Complex. Joining us on that day was representative from UNICEF, GSK Pharmaceutical Company, orphans from Philea Home and many others.

2) The club's Child Mortality Awareness Campaign was a huge success. It was published in the Sin Chew Jit Poh and Nanyang newspaper.

3) Our club also joined the league of other rotaract clubs to form a sister club agreement with a rotaract club from another country. Recently, we have signed a sister club agreement with Rotaract Club of St. Louis College, Bangkok, Thailand.

4) Our club will be sending the highest no of participants for the District Rotaract Conference (DRC) which will be held at the end of March.

5) Our club members never failed to participate in the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) programme every year.

Rotaractor Blitz Gun Chin Yong and Richie Lee participated in this year's RYLA.

Rtr Gun won the award from RYLA best participant.

Congratulations to Rtr Gun for making the club proud. RAC Port Klang Centennial 'Boleh'

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time to De-clutter - Recyclable campaign (8 March 2009)

By IPP Lee Hui Hui

Well, they say, recycle is good for mother Earth.

We, rotaractors did our part by preserving the environment and resources. Perhaps, economy slowdown is good for the they say less demand, less resources used from nature. So, recycle used materials will help.

After breakfast in Selva, we gathered at the Office to collect the stacks of newspapers to the four vehicles. With some weight lifting and running exercise, we don't feel guilty for the calories of 'roti kosong' consumed as breakfast. Also, stomping madly on the aluminiun cans for sending the the center by Rtr Leong King, Jia Thiam and myself

Well, the RYLA participants representing RAC Port Klang Gun and Richie....we did our fair share of exercise...up an down two stories..:)
All in all, the sell off earns us Rm53, that goes to the community service fund.

Thanks for the efforts put in.

Note from President on next charity project:
We're planning to collect 1000 of the aluminium can caps so that we're able to exchange them to a wheelchair. This wheelchair will be given to any old folk who needed it

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Meeting at Neway, Centro (03.03.2009)

I have just returned from our club meeting at Neway, Centro.

Seven of us attended the session and we’re all enjoying every single moment we can get. For the very first time, we’re singing our club song through the microphone and conducted a Rotaract meeting during a karaoke session.

At the same time, my members celebrated my birthday. It was a nice and definitely an unforgettable moment. Pictures attached for members and guests who have missed it event.

Video attached to prove to you how crazy we can be during the karaoke session. Guess the constant work stress must have gotten into our nerve.

At the same time, lets wish both Gun Chin Yong and Richie best of luck for their journey to RYLA (Outward Bound School at Lumut) tomorrow.

Service Unite Us

Tan Jia Thiam


Monday, March 02, 2009

Sister Club Agreement with Rotaract Club of St. Louis College District 3350 (Bangkok, Thailand) - March 1 2009

Greetings to all my fellow members and sawadikap to our fellow Rotaractors from Bangkok,
Today, we will mark down in our history book as a memorable day because we have just signed a Sister Pack Agreement with the President of Rotaract Club of St. Louis College from District 3350 Thailand.

I do hope with this sister pack agreement, we can foster friendship with friends and members from a different country. At the same time, we are able to exchange ideas and culture amongst ourselves.

I will officially announce that our fellow friends from Rotaract Club of St. Louis College shall be included in our network where we will share our meeting minutes and club activities with them.

A good way to update ourselves with them and at the same time, exchange ideas on how club activities can be made more interesting.

Let us work hand in hand with our fellow friends from Bangkok from today onwards and lets "Make Dreams Real".
Service Unite Us
Best Regards,
Tan Jia Thiam
Rotaract Club of Port Klang Centennial
Blogmaster's note: First Sister Pack signings at a Klang Bakute stall after breakfast!...hmmm March 1 is Prez Jia Thiam birthday as well. Happy Belated birthday..